The myth of economic growth – which the GMA administration is clinging to – is exactly that, a myth. Ramdaman mo ba? Ako naman, ramdam ko na nagmamahal mga bilhin, lalo ang bigas, at hindi nag-bago ang sahod ko ni mga problema sa infrastructure.

Ate Glo, wala po kayong hiya? Mahirap na po kami at ang taba taba mo. Dapat minamahal mo mga kababayan mo. Dapat lang po.

Vol. XXI, No. 170
Tuesday, April 01, 2008 | MANILA, PHILIPPINES

Today’s Headlines

71% of Filipinos consider selves as poor — survey

REPEATED government claims of growth aside, two out of every three Filipinos believe the economy has worsened in the last three years while seven out of every ten consider themselves to be poor.

The results of a nationwide Pulse Asia survey, conducted from February 21 to March 8, 2008, showed that 66% of Filipinos feel the economy is in a worse state, while 71% consider themselves as poor.

Palace officials blamed political noise for the results and stressed that the government had been boosting social services expenditures to improve the lives of the poor.

Using face-to face interviews, Pulse Asia asked 1,200 adults: “If you compare the state of the national economy now with that in 2005 or three years ago, would you say that the state of the national economy is better now, same, or worse now?”

Pulse Asia said the belief that the economy had deteriorated was shared by considerable to big majorities (61-74%) across all geographic areas and socioeconomic classes.

Only 11% of Filipinos believe the present economic situation is better now than in 2005, while about a quarter (23%) said there had been no change between 2005 and today.

Pulse Asia also reported that around 12.8 million households said they were poor or very poor. The survey firm said this figure (71%) was nearly the same as those recorded in July and October 2007 (75% and 68%, respectively).

On the other hand, 15% of Filipinos said they were well-off or wealthy while 14% said they were “on-the line.”

Asked to assess their present personal quality of life relative to last year, nearly six in ten Filipinos (59%) said they were worse off now than in 2007.

Only 10% consider themselves to be “gainers”.

With respect to the national quality of life, 71% believed that most of their countrymen were worse off now than last year — 10 percentage points higher than in October 2007.

Asked to comment, Deputy Presidential Spokesman Anthony T. Golez, Jr. said the results were influenced by the negative news about supposed corruption in the government.

Mr. Golez claimed the government has been increasing its spending on basic services and infrastructure to enable the people to feel the economic gains. — ADBR

In somewhat related news, today the Philippine Star reports that Archbishop Cruz has been threatened by pro-GMA Congresspeople that they will go to the Vatican to have him sanctioned. Cruz replied that if he were to be stripped of his faculties, he’ll just “plant kamote.” Hahaha priceless!