The CBCP has announces a NATION-WIDE NOISE BARRAGE on Friday, February 22 at 6-7 PM.kitchen_potspans.jpg

This is an excellent way for us to show our frustration and get together and have a great time!

Points of convergence will happen in major universities. In the Metro Manila Area this includes UP, Ateneo, De La Salle and UST. I would imagine

Groups will also be meeting at the corner of Timog and EDSA.

Bring your drums, pots, pans and dancing shoes! FIESTA NA TAYO!

In related news, Police Senior Supt. Nicanor Bartolome has warned police not to join in any rallies.

In other words, rank and file police WANT to join rallies, otherwise there would be no need for this warning.

Let us keep in mind that our police are overworked, underpaid and, most importantly, that they are people too who also want to see something better for the nation. So let us not push away the police with anger, but invite them to join our cause.

And, just for laughs: