Feeling reminiscent:

Bagels (especially fresh toasted with scallion cream cheese)

Hard, crusty bread like ciabatta and real baguettes. (“french bread” here is still soft crust)

Foccacia bread

European cheeses, and fancy cheeses with herbs infused

Real New York Pizza, either loaded with toppings or the 2 plain slices and soda you get for $2.50

$4.00 Deli burgers and fries

Having an oven

Global cuisine (that’s actually good and affordable), Indian, Thai, Russian, Mexican, yeah

Huge sub sandwiches

Buffalo wings and…

Varieties of beer

Sushi Park


West Indian Connection

Clubbing every weekend in places where you can actually move cause they’re not wall to wall packed with 16-year olds

Roti with curry goat

coconut naan

having some money

having a microwave

my x-box

Rice and beans

Sausage, egg and cheese (epecially at 3 AM from RobinRaj)

My unlimited metrocard

Suburban Barbecues that include…

Flip Cup