So lately this has been basically a travel diary. So, just for one entry, I’m going to get off my chest the random ramblings that you all miss so much.


So there’s this new girl, Sarah Geronimo, who’s like the new power balladeer. She kinda annoys me and I’ll tell you why. She has a really good voice, but she does that weird thing with her vowels that Celine Dion does. I don’t know how to explain it, she like…I dunno, the voewls are just unpure, she unnecessarily draws out some dipthongs, sometimes she sings on an r, which is not even a vowel! One would think that after dueting with Barbara Streisand, the singer with the best pronunciation on the planet, she would get a tip or 2. Ok, anyway, yeah, Sarah Geronimo does that and it annoys me.

Plus, she has this duet version of It’s All Coming Back to Me. I swear, this arrangement sounds something like it came out of Phantom of the Opera. I’m talking harp, windchimes, TYPMANI! Not to mention some of the intervals in the duet and just general chords that are played….it’s so….Phantom. Like there’s definitely this part (when the song goes “banish every memory you and I had ever made”), where for no reason at all the guy sings a 7th. Yeah.

The Beyonce Irreplaceable. Ok, so in her last 2 singles she’s been, well, crazy. Psychotic. This song. I gotta say, I like it. Maybe cause Ne-yo wrote it….Nah but what i like most about it is that while the instrumentation and even the delivery are pretty mellow, the lyrics are damn harsh. I mean, “I could have another you in a minute,” yeah, that’s serious. I like the contrast, the irony. Yeah.

Too Little Too Late by Jojo. What annoys me about this song is that Jojo is one of the few girls out there thatc an actually sing. Like for real for real sing. And yet, the hook is all computerized dubbing. WHY. She can sing! let the girl sing! Save that shit for Britney Spears or Jennifer Lopez.

Besides that, well I been getting kinda into rock since I been here. OPM music nowadays is basically rock or ballads. I really like Up Dharma Down. They have a cool mix of jazz and funk and the female vocalist has a really soulful voice. I also like this chick, Sofia, she does bossa nova and mixes English and Portugese.

Besides that, well ok, so the ballads here, when chicks sing they sing all quiet and sweet. There’s no power and very little emotion. In my opinion it sounds kinda, well immature. Theres no build as the song comes to it’s climax, neither dynamically nor in vocal tone. Instrumentation is also uninteresting, it’s pretty obvious when one uses a keyboard and not a live band. Instrumentation is basically chords on a piano or guitar, no interesting percussion plays or contrasts. Ballads are completely devoid of any syncopation and no one sings behind hte beat. Moreover, the coolest dance move now is to pop one’s booty. But also needless to say, the idea of sexy here is skinny, and girls don’t really have bootys. And they’re not really that good and popping the ones they got, i don’t think they get the the point is to actually POP THE BUTT and not just shake a lil bit. Sigh. Someone needs to sign me now.

That Chris Brown breakup…yeah whatever it’s called. It’s so obvious he’s young, because he actually uses the line “It’s not you it’s me.” Yeah, only a 16 year old should ever be allowed to do that, and even then it’s pushing it.

The Christina Aguilera and Puffy song. Christina sounds good..and actually looks kinda pretty in the video. Puffy, why are you still rapping. Why? Stop. Please.

Shake Your Money Maker by Pharell and Ludacris is just my jam. I don’t know why.