Family members whose pictures accompany no story. This entry will also be updated periodically. Don’t forget to refer to my family tree entry to find out how all these people are related to me.

Uncle Nonoy
Uncle Nonoy is right now very sick. He’s in the hospital…maybe it will only be a few days. He used to come to America a lot when I was little and I have a lot of great memories of him. Please pray

Uncle Nonoy and Julia

Auntie Remy and Julia

The Julia Gallery

Uncle Nonoy at the Hospital when he was still feelin ok. This day he felt so good, you’d think he could still recover.
I caught Kuya Boy and Katrina trying tot ake a pic of me

Party at the hospital

Watching Deal or no Deal

Kuya Boy

Auntie Sion, Katrina, Auntie Rem, Ate Emily

Kuya Ray and Kuya Boy