Me: hey, listen, if i’m going to be honest…(and sorry if i’m overthinkin this)
Me: i’m kind of bothered that youdidn’t invite me to either of your birthday parties
Me: and i understand that you may feel uncomfortable
Me: but i hope it’s not cause you think i’m trippin or that you need to protect me or anything like that
Him: ok you’re buggin
Him: huh
Him: it’s not my get up
Him: it’s my boys shorty
Him: she rented the damn section
Him: her and her rich ass
Me: so why wouldnt you say that instead of letting me think theres some problem
Me: what if i said to you “i’m having a party”
Me: and thats it, no invite and no explanation. i wouldn’t do that to any of my friends.
Him: not my problem if u assume that
Him: all u got to do is ask
Him: instead of assumin’
Me: well thats why i’m saying this, but i wanted to chill for a sec because of course i’m going to react
Him: well chill
Him: it’s not my get up
Me: i understand

AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. ok, all confusion officially deaded. and this is why i’m single.