Name: Cecilia
Nicknames: C, ceci, cece, cil, cecil, celia, cilya, lia, shorty, shorty rock, superstar
Birthday: may 30, 1985
Gender: female
Hair: it’s actually black right now
Eyes: brown
Height: 5’2
Zodiac Sign: gemini
Status: siiiigh single
Graduation Year: um, college was 2006


Movie: saturday night fever
TV Show: fresh prince
Book: umm i have no idea…but i think everyone should read Courtroom 302!
Color: black. yeah i know it’s not a color but i like it
Food: rice and fried fish or chicken fried steak
Drink(Non-Alcoholic): naked juice
Drink(Alcoholic): wow, really depends on my mood and what i’m eating, etc. buuut, i think i’ma have to go with hennesy. i’m an old man and i like good cognac.
Scent: estee lauder pleasures. fresh rice. nyc after i’ve been away.
Actor: john leguizamo
Actress: rita moreno
Sport: basketball
Cartoon Character: goliath from gargoyles
Store: costco haha. um probably dr. jay’s
City: new york baby, where else
Vacation Spot: negril siiiiiigh
Band: beatles
Song: oh man. let’s go for 1 from each genre. rap: New York State of Mind by nas. slow jams: Whenever, wherever, whatever by maxwell. salsa: hasta que vuelvas conmigo by marc anthony. jazz: lover man by sarah vaughn. rock n roll: in my life by the beatles. showtunes: without you from rent or impossible dream from man of la mancha. classical/opera: Mon coeur souv’re ta voix from samson et dalilah
Football Team: bills. i’m from rochester.
Basketball Team: knicks till i die
Baseball Team: apathetic
Animal: emerald boa
Magazine: the economist
Candy: pilipit or truffles
Restaurant: j&r…their rice and beans are like crack
Jewelry: hoop earrings. i’ve been wearing them since i was 5
Day of the Week: saturday
Ice Cream Flavor: green tea or red bean mwahaha
Number: 4 i guess

PEOPLEour Best Friends: macquin, nicholas, cheryl, emilyx2
Your Shoulder to Cry on: nicholas. but i don’t cry. cecilia never cries.
Do You Have More Girl or Guy Friends: guy haha. look at my birthday, it was a sausagefest.
Who do You Consider a Sister: emily, macquin
Who do You Consider a Brother: nicholas, amol, vondell even though i haven’t seen him in a while
Who Knows All Your Secrets: no one, but nicholas
Do You Have An Enemy: i hope not for their sake
Boyfriend or Girlfriend: none
Do You Like Someone: NO DAMMIT!!!!! sigh. how boring


Been in a Car Wreck: not one where the car got totalled, just a little smashed up
Been Arrested: no
Broken the Law: of course
Been Skinny Dipping: no
Been in Love: …yeah
Smoked: yes but not anymore
Drank: yes
Smoked Pot: a long long time ago
Been Kicked Out of School: no
Skipped School: yes
Failed a Class: no
Broken a Bone: no
Shoplifted: i was an accomplice
Tried to Intentionally Hurt Someone: yes
Fell Asleep in Class: who hasn’t?
Been in a Fight: yes
Been Out of the US: yes. spain, jamaica, canada and soon to be pi
Had Surgery: yes. plastic surgery. how do you think i got this nose?
Spent the Night in the Hospital: yes
Snuck Out of Your House: no
Lied to Your Parents: yes
Showered at Someone of the Opposite Sex’s House: yes wtf this survey is for younguns
Saw Someone Die: no
Had a Near-Death Experience: yes. when i was 18 i got hit in the face by a ghetto sled
Liked Someone Who Didn’t Like You Back: sure
Had a Broken Heart: yes.
Broke Someones Heart: so they say….
Cried Over The Opposite Sex: of course
Played a Game Requiring the Removal of Clothing: yes
Laughed Until You Cried: yes. everyday when i think of marco hahahahaha
Slept Under The Stars: yes. take me back to jamaica!
Mooned or Flashed Someone: sure
Killed an Animal: dinner
Prank Called Someone: hahahahahaha no comment
Slept in the Same Bed as the Opposite Sex: no, i kick them out as soon as we’re done


Kiss: um 14 i think
Car: 1987 chevy caprice
Trip Out of Your State: i traveled between jersey, pennsylvania and new york a lot ever since i was little. besides that i went to fla when i was 5
Job: cashier at a asian grocery when i was 13
School: paumanok elementary
Trip to a Beach: grew up near beaches
Celeb Crush: zack morris!
Best Friend: macquin. never changes!
Pet: bridget. she was a bird
True Love: i fell in love with chicharon when i was teething


Time You Were Out of Your State: this weekend i was in pa and jersey
Slowdance: wow..who knows. it’s been a really long time. no one slow dances at clubs unless they’re wack.
Movie You Saw at the Theater..(With Who): pirates 2 with maribelle and cheryl
Person You Talked to on the Phone: according to my caller id…..ingrid. the call went somehting like this: “can you sign cheryl in. ok thanks bye.”
Song You Heard: rewind by nas
Broken Heart: 1 year ago around this time
Thing You Ate: marachino cherry which was in my….
Thing You Drank: rum punch
Person You Hugged: gennady
Shower: this morning
Show You Watched on TV: making the band. HATERATION!
Trip to a Mall: ummm a month or so ago to go to dave and buster’s in rockland