So yeah, been a while since the last update. My apologies, I know all of you procrastinators/bored at 3 am and reading random shit people have been left hanging.

So what has been going on since hte last update ::gasp:: over a month ago? Well hmmm, turned 21 (3 times lol), got back in touch with some people i seriously had missed, went down south to visit the parents and sister. South was fun. it was soooooo nice to drive. i was nervous at first, it had been about a year since the last time, but yeah i still got it. I’m such a good driver! wow! btw, people down south can’t drive for shit. when they change lanes or turn onto the road from a parking lot or something they go craaazy fast, squeeze their SUV’s and pickups into tight spaces and don’t signal. then, when a light turns from red to green it takes them forever to go! fucking backwards people. took my sister to the park and hte beach, got some color. hung out with white folks. all in all a good time.

and yeah, my mom thinks she’s slick. so the first couple days i was down there she has no work, so we chill, its all good. when she goes backt o work, she takes the car and doesn’t tell my dad to unhook the truck, so i’m stranded. she says “i didn’t know.” mmm yeah ok whatever. we fight blah blah parental drama you know how it is. the second day my dad wakes me up double checking with me if he should unhook the truck or not. it seems my mother once again took the car and this time specifically told my father to leave the truck hooked. we call to ask her about it and she says “i didn’t know you wanted to go out.” i say “what the hell am i a prisoner here??” thank God for my dad’s distrust of my mother lol. so yeah, everything was good from then on. whenever i go there it’s not really a vacation, it’s more of a vacation for my parents because i cook and clean and do laundry and mind my sister and keep house. i cooked massive amounts of food because hte last weekend we had some white folks over at the house. “yessm, yessuh” i keed i keed, they were cool. but i then spent my last couple hours nursing my father’s hangover. siiiigh some things never change.

so then my 3rd 21st birthday celebration, which was aiet i guess. a LOT of people who said they were going to show up didn’t show, which is ok for some people (those who explained to me before or after), but for the rest of y’all, i dedicate a big Fuck You. i don’t as you to come, just that you’re straight. eh it’s ok. i’m learning every day who the real friends are.

speaking of which, even after all of this foolishness i’m continuing to hear things about myself, things i’ve supposedly said or done which i am completely certain i never said or did. siiiiiigh. i guess this is what i get for hanging out with filipinos? 3 years of nothing and now college is over and i’m hearing shit, grrrrreat. great way to end shit. oh well, like my man TI say, you be hatin and i see why, cause you don’t know me.

which brings us to July 4th weekend. it was great. not because i did anything particularly great, but because it was all so unplanned and spontaneous. random party sat night in rockland (my first trip to the rock EVER!!!), began with a 3 hour trip to jersey and led to a 2 night stay int he rock. back to the L-I to visit, which became a day of randomly driving around and eventually overnighting it. ahhhhh i love it. At the risk of sounding cheesy (but who cares cause i’m for real here), every night this weekend when i’ve prayed at bedtime, mos tof what i could think of was thanking God for good friends. my son Ben, my shorty Cheryl, my brother/kid’s godfather Nicholas…all going out of their way to show yours truly a good time. Even Shan coming through and making me feel loved!

So here we are. there smuch mroe to tell but it’s finally 6 pm and i’m getting the fuck outta this office!!

here’s to working hard and playing hard my first summer as a free woman.