So on Monday i wrote this loooong ass entry about how great my day was…and then my firefox has to shut down before i could save it. so yeah. that sucked. Buuuut here are the highlights:

All the unergrad interns were in at work, making work soooo fun! It’s gonna be a great summer.

I hadn’t yet received grades for 2 classes, which made me nervous because I had submitted my final papers via email and never got a receipt acknowledgement. So, I emailed the profs, and this is what they emailed me back:

Dear Cecilia,
The grades were delivered to the registrar on Friday, which was thedeadline for courses with final exams scheduled for 9 May. The gradesheets are machine readable, so they should be almost instantlyrecorded. Maybe only later today.

Your paper is terrific and it is beautifully written and argued. I hope you do more writing.

Wooooooo! This was the class that I HATED, and that I was nevous for because I basically wrote my paper like a free association. More importantly, this was the final paper I did in college, the 20-something pager that you all cheered me through. Muah! love you! couldn’t have done it without you! an A in the class. YEAH! Next:

Cecilia: The grades were submitted on Friday and, your work was outstanding, especially your research paper. You received a grade of A for this course. I am glad you wrote, since I would like to arrange a time to meet and talk with you sometime this summer about various research projects.

YEAHHH! This one means a lot to me because, well, this is the class where all the kids laughed at me. Remember, the one where I announced that I did a paper on Busta Rhymes and kids thought it was funny. Yes, I was vindicated by the guy from the Post, but, well you know how it is, the class was full of those self-righteous rich white kids who laugh at us. You know the little subtle things that they do…for example, scoff when a book criticized Robert Moses for destroying minority-occupied affordable housing, laugh when the prof said NY was an exporter of culture cause the hottest thing in Japan is to dress like black urban youth. Anyway, yeah, so I kind of receded in the class…and I wrote the Prof a letter about it too because he always believed in and supported my point of view, and believed it would be good for the class to hear. All my life I’ve been used to standing up for myself, playing the token role in hopes of educating someone. But, i dunno, there was just so much going on this semester, I didn’t have the energy or will to play the token, which is unfortunate and i suppose selfish of me. Maybe if i could go back i would do it different. But whatever, no matter. What matters is that this guys is DAMN IMPORTANT guy in city government, extremely well known and regarded, AND HE THINKS I’M SMART!!! I’m trying not to hope too much from this research offer…but it would be cool. Soooo frikkin cool. If it’s really good it might make me question the balikbayan..errr we shall see.

So excited. wow, i’m a nerd.

And then, I go to VS and get 2 free panties. Woo hoo! On the train ride home I’m reading the Noli and some guy sits next to me. After a lil while he holds up his phone and it says “no disrespect. you’re stunning. truly.” awww! I’m so stunned, I just giggle andsay thank you. i can’t even look him in the face. After a little bit he says “excuse me, what nationality are you?” i answer. “oh. ok. (sees my book) oh, sorry to disturb you.” The whole time he’s sitting there I’m doing my best to stay cool. When he leaves he says “take care” and then the doofy smile comes out. haha. It is just sooo refreshing…a man to give you a compliment for the sake of giving you a compliment. No grease, no alterior motive, not even really trying to holler. Why is it that respectful guys only step on days when i think i look like crap? maybe i’m less on the defense…But yeah. I mean, not to be gassed, but I think i’m pretty. but sometimes you forget, sometimes you become unsure and you need someone to remind you/confirm for you/let you know that other people think you’re pretty too and that you’re not just fooling yourself. so yeah biiiig smile :D. And then, the very next morning some random woman in the elevator said i was beautiful and my receptionist said i looked pretty too! hehe gas me up! so i’m feeling extra girly and pretty this week. yay!