ok so this was my day yesterday, which actually started Friday night:

Friday night I go home, all excited to finally sleep in my own bed after basically living in palladium since wednesday. I shower, start to clean, relax a bit. Then Basilio’s all calling me

“come to palladium to hang out, even if you’re not going to the party”
“I’ve been living there since wednesday”
“But I haven’t been there so that doesn’t count. Plus we probably won’t stay at the party that long, you know we’ll be back for some Robin Raj” (btw, I was the one who introduced Bas to the Robin Raj sausage egg and cheese. just so everyone knows.)
“Aiiiet, if you really want me to come through. You’re lucky I love u so much”

Then I get a call from the producer of FWN’s Vagina Monologues. I had contacted them a few weeks back saying I was interested in auditioning, but got so busy and basically flaked off and never followed through. I explained to her that my life had been so hectic, I wasn’t prepared, I didn’t even have a headshot. She was sooo nice, she said it was ok, I could submit my headshot later, I could just come in and cold read. So I agreed. Back to palladium for me.

Go to the Third North computer lab to print up the scripts. Get to Palladium, Basilio is running late and probably can’t make it haha. Its ok, I love the people there. Especially John (who I think is now officially my favorite drunk person), who I really need to hang out with more. They leave for the party, I stay up till 2 working on my professional resume and preparing some monologues. They don’t get into finelle’s party, so call me out to go to some other party. I can’t because the audition’s EEEAAARRRLLLLYYYY in the frikkin morn. But they come back around 3:30 and i tell them to come say hi and talk. and so i wake back up and we chill and then i go back to sleep.

So yeah, in a more coherent manner:

Saturday 2:00 AM – Sleep in Palladium

Saturday 3:30 Am – Basilio and Bori come back from Lotus, I wake up and say hi for a bit. Then go back to sleep.

Saturday 7:30 AM – wake up after maybe 4 hours of sleep. Continue to prep.

Saturday 9:15 AM – Audition at 26th street, between 6th and 7th aves. It was fun, very relaxed, although I was tired as hell. I didn’t do as well as i could have, of course, yeah, not really performance worthy. But hey, it’s an audition, not a performance, right? What was really cool was that there were some basically pro people there, at least people with a helluva lot more experience than me, and I felt like I held my own. Awesome.

Saturday 11:45 AM – leave the audition and hop the r train

Saturday 12:30 PM – teach in Brooklyn.

Saturday 1:30 PM – Eventhough class is a block away from my apt, I don’t even stop home. I go straight back on the manhattan-bound r to head to Jersey City. I’m planning on getting out at Rector and walking to the WTC PATH, but either shit is under construction or I just miss it. I end up getting off at 8th street and walking to the 9th street PATH.

Saturday 2:00 PM – Arrive in Jersey City. Basilio and Emily come to the station to pick me up and we go to the restaurant. Hang out with them and Alfa and Jay. So much fun! Any day where my first meal is chicharon is excellent.

Saturday 5:00 PM – Go to Basilio’s house. Hang out with his Parents and Lizette. Basilio tells his mom that i sing! haha that fucker. so i then spend hours with his mom and dad, bascially sight reading a bunch of songs and them teaching me mga kundiman. Bas’s dad sayis its necessary for me to learn bayan ko. i will.

Saturday 8:00 PM – Me and Basilio head over to Emily’s where I eat a lot more and chill with the fam.

Saturday 8:45 PM – Me, Bas, Charisma, Cy and Eddie head into the city. We drop off heads in Pall first

Saturday 10:00 PM – Get dropped off at Coda while Bas and Eddie head to Vesta. Corey’s band sounds sooooo good, but the audience is kinda empty. I made the merch table all pretty! yay! But no one buys anything. boo. The bouncer hits on me but i’m not really feeling him. This girl comes up to me “Cecilia!” i look at her “um, hi?” “Katie Macchia!” “Oh my GOD!!!” Wow. haven’t seen that girl since elementary school and definitely didn’t recognize her. I’m surprised she remembers me lol. She said i still look the same, haha which i do. it was kinda weird seeing someone after that long…weird but cool.

Saturday 11:45 PM – Leave Coda, walk over to Vesta. Spend the walk talking to Nicholas. Awesome! I love my brother. So glad he had a good time at the 40/40 and playing pool.

Sunday Midnight – Get to Vesta. The bouncers are cool. As I’m standing outside wrapping things up on the phone, Sicat, Alex (who I havent seen in a year) and some dude walk right by the door – it was kinda confusing because there was a bunch of people standing outside which looks like a line, but they’re just smoking. I tell them to come in by where i am. The bouncers tell me to go on inside, but i say i’m trying to be nice and wait for them. One of the bouncers starts joking around telling me to go in or else and ushering me in, so i comply.

Sunday 3:00 AM – Getting ready to leave Vesta. Basilio is so good haha. His friend says I’m not Filipino and Eddie and Basilio go “ooooooo” and I start speaking tagalog. haha that was funny. Billy drives me and Bori home.

Ahhhh weekends rock.

BTW, regarding that other thing, I’m done. Well, actually, I’ve been done for quite a while now, but it was definitely cemented last night. I feel sooooo good! haha soooo freeeeeeeee 😀

Happy Mother’s Day!