This whole series of end of the year parties has been somewhat disappointing.

Dragged-out….ahhhh all I want is an amazing party. To, as they say, dance till my lungs collapse. But things somehow or another keep getting ruined!

What the hell happened last night! It must have been what I ate. I had maybe 5 drinks. It wasn’t the usual pattern. Once again it was no blackout, no hangover, no stumbling. Not only that but I can usually control it, but this time. It just came outta nowhere and I couldn’t control it at all.

So this is twice in the past 2 months…as opposed to my previous record of once in 3 years. Why is this happening? Has it just been these particular situations or is my body changing? I usually know my body pretty well…and it’s kinda alarming me that It’s been going against my usual patterns.

Crap. Maybe I’m just getting old?