::peeps head up from out my hole::

I’m baaaaack!!

And it’s done! I’m done!! Yeahhhhh

That’s right, it’s 6 in the morning and I just finished my last paper as an undergraduate EVER!! I just pulled my lsat all-nighter for a while (wow it feels good to say that) and after a week of hell where I wrote a whopping 46 pages, I can honestly say….I am spent.

And I couldn’t be more excited to drink cinco de mayo away….

Now I can put all the sappy/happy music back on my mp3 player. now i can tweeze my eyebrows and put on makeup. now i respond to my facebook wall and messages. now i can take the jay-z quote off of my desktop and put jamaica back. now i don’t have to wear a fitted and a beater every day. yeahhh boyeeeeee

To All My Friends and Loved Ones….

Thank you. Thank you soooo much. Thank you for allowing me to disappear…but when you realized I had disappeared calling me to ask me where the hell I was and tempting me with beer and cheap women.

Thank you for understanding and thank you for your encouragement. My little away message countdown….your support….it made all the difference. I mean, really, I’m not just saying it….it means the world to me and I don’t knwo if or how I coulda done it without you.

Some of my favorites:

Belle2033 (4:13:28 AM): go ceci!
CeciDaSupastar (4:13:44 AM): yeah!! woo thanks!
Belle2033 (4:13:50 AM): hehe no prob

Cherie amorr (9:26:41 PM): not only will you be done at 3 PM tomorrow, i wanna make sure you’re gone by the end of the day!

FliPiNoY22 (8:31:57 PM): good luck…
and again at 2 AM

FliPiNoY22 (2:00:23 AM): go go go!!!

SiMplI 2 compLEx (10:07:23 PM): GO GO GO GO

switsexything151 (8:32:54 PM): Gimme a C… *boom boom!
switsexything151 (8:33:03 PM): Gimme an E! *boom boom!
switsexything151 (8:33:10 PM): Gimme a C! Gimme an I!
switsexything151 (8:33:39 PM): 3pm is nothing, aye aye aye!
CeciDaSupastar (8:34:03 PM): woooooooooooooooooo
switsexything151 (8:34:10 PM): Okay, it’s been a while since i last cheered
CeciDaSupastar (8:34:16 PM): haha
switsexything151 (8:34:17 PM): so that’s a horrible rhyme.. but.. GOODLUCK!

No wonder I love you…………

so yeah…PARTAYYYY!!! but first, let me pass out