Just let me apologize right now….I’m sorry

I need to disappear for this week. I’m gonna be a ghost.

I need to get shit done, and I just love you all too much. Pusoy dos, sing alongs, south park portraits, making tea for dad, facebook wall writes, AIM, taking stupid pictures, “getting worked” and beer (ahhh beer) are all just too tempting.

If you see me on the street I’ll probably be dressed like a bum. I’ll probably look really really mad (yes, even madder than my usual walking face). I’ll probably be listening to angry minority music.

If you see me, feel free to say hi. But please, don’t be offended or take it personal if I don’t notice you or don’t say hi back. I just really need to be bout it right now.

And if all goes as planned, you will all see me this weekend. Very happy and very drunk.