I love trapping my mom. It happens so infrequently, when it does, it’s a huge victory. Yesterday she called me, all trying to be slick. But i firgured it out and i won. oh yes.

Cil, see if those NYU sweatshirts are on sale. If they’re cheap, get me one.

You’ve asked me a bunch of time, you know they’re crazy expensive. You can get a sweatshirt from Kmart for 5 dollars.

Not really a sweatshirt, you know, one of those soft zipper things.

A fleece? Those are still expensive. You can get one at Old Navy or something for $15.

No, if it’s on sale.

Even sale price, it’s gonna be at least $25. Minimum.

25? No, that’s ok, that’s not bad.

What do you mean it’s not bad? If you can get one for $15 or less…

Yeah, but then it won’t say NYU

Wait…what? Why do you care about that….

Well…well cause… well cause you know….people here all wear their UNC clothing.


And if they wear that, then, you know, i want to wear some NYU something too

Nnnnnnnaaaaku! Yabang ka!

…….siempre e, konting yabang….konting yabang lang.

mwahahaha, got ’em.