So today has all in all been a good day. first, at work, i was at my desk when one of the lawyers came by my desk and whispered all on the dl “you want cake?” i was then stealthily ushered into her office where there was a mini gathering for her birthday! it was only like 5 of us – yay! they like me! we’re friends! i feel special…

then, i defended my thesis today…i was so worried and nervous! buuutttt AMAZINGLY, they liked it !!! profs dickson and morton (or becky as she says i can call her :D) said they really liked it! they said that it was really good and it was hard for them ot poke holes in it. the defense that’s supposed to take 45 minutes only took 20 minutes, and half of that was me talking about my family and my post grad plans! yayyyyyyyy. not only that, but eventhough my paper didn’t show a correlation, they still believe in my theory and base my findings on a problem with the data set! yay!

so then they told me i had to leave so that they could pretend to argue. as soon as i close dhte door behind me, they opened it and said “congratulations, you’re graduating with honors!” WAHOOOOO

not only that, but BORI’S COMING TO NYC!!!!! for real this time, he promises! (i’ve already threatened him multiple times that he better not be playing with me) He’s gonna book his flight on friday and send me his itinerary and he’s gonna stay at my place! sooooo excited! we’re gonna eat good food and go see a show and i now have a dirnking buddy! and other fun stuff. wooooooo

and as for that other thing…i’ve decided, well, f it. yeah man. i mean, don’t get me wrong, i still want it…haha really want it. but…i’m not gonna stress it anymore. if stuff goes down, it goes down. i’ll just let it. its like manny says – just show up and see what happens.

buuut then again, the moment of truth is coming up. so yeah. i’m not gonna stress it.

i think that after the intensity that was pcn, it was just too easy for me to get caught up in performance and story and “this is the essence of life” and blah blah emotional stuff. but i think i’m returning to my world of academia. i must save the world! research by research, paper by paper.