mykie p: i was just looking through my old emails and i had some eboard ones from last year in my gmail
mykie p: and there were a couple times where you kept saying stuff and were like ‘mykie, dont you ever pay attention to anything i say?’
mykie p: and then i replied ‘im sorry cecilia, were you saying something?’
CeciDaSupastar: and you got nostalgic
mykie p: haha nostalgic, yes
CeciDaSupastar: awww
CeciDaSupastar: u like me
mykie p: hahaha
CeciDaSupastar: u MISS me
mykie p: lets not get ahead of ourselves
mykie p: miss is such a strong word
mykie p: hahahahahhaha kidding kidding
mykie p: see cecilia
CeciDaSupastar: yay nowi’m gonna tell the whole world
mykie p: ahahahahahhaha
mykie p: woohoo
CeciDaSupastar: this is going on my blog
CeciDaSupastar: you cant deny it anymore
mykie p: did you seriously write about that in your blog?
mykie p: please tell me you did
mykie p: that would be the highlight of my year