So, as you probably know, everyone in the world sings the Simon and Garfunkel “Cecilia” song to me and i HAAAAAATE it!! But, lo and behold, today in class my prof played a different Cecilia song – one by Brazilian legendary singer/songwriter Chico Buarque. It is gorgeous and i had to hide my face cause when i heard it i had an incredibly doofy smile on my face. haha, my nerdy self couldn’t even properly analyze it after hearing it. Prof. played basically 2 slow jams to open up class and this was the first one – sooo appropriate for my state of mind right now. so here it is, along wiht a loose translation. learn it bitches!

Quantos artistas
(How many artists)
Entoam baladas
(Sing Ballads)
Para suas amadas
(For their loved ones)
Com grandes orquestras
(With big orchestras)
Como os invejo
(How I envy them)
Como os admiro
(How I admire them)
Eu, que te vejo
(Me, I see you)
E nem quase respiro
(And I can almost not breathe)

Quantos poetas
(How many poets)
Românticos, prosas
(Romantics, proses)
Exaltam suas musas
(Exalt their muses)
Com todas as letras
(With all the words)
Eu te murmuro
(I murmur you)
Eu te suspiro
(I sigh you)
Eu, que soletro
(Me, I only spell)
Teu nome no escuro
(Your name in the dark)

Me escutas, Cecília?
(Do you hear me, Cecilia?)
Mas eu te chamava em silêncio
(I called you in silence)
Na tua presença
(In your presence)
Palavras são brutas
(Words are rough)

Pode ser que, entreabertos
(It’s possible that, half open)
Meus lábios de leve
(My weightless lips)
Tremessem por ti
(Tremble for you)
Mas nem as sutis melodias
(But not even the subtle melodies)
Merecem, Cecília, teu nome
(Deserve, Cecilia, your name)
Espalhar por aí
(To spread it out)
Como tantos poetas
(Like so many poets)
Tantos cantores
(So many singers)
Tantas Cecílias
(So many Cecilias)
Com mil refletores
(With a thousand lights)
Eu, que não digo
(Me, that doesnt speak)
Mas ardo de desejo
(But burn with desire)
Te olho
(I see you)
Te guardo
(I keep you)
Te sigo
(I follow you)
Te vejo dormir
(I watch you sleep)