So Saturday was Battle of the Barrios. Right now I’m actually really really glad that I’m not on dance team because as a result I can unapologetically say the following: NYU KICKED ASS.

I’m not just saying this, i promise. As a matter of fact, I was probably the one of the nicest people there. Lots of cheering for other teams. No booing at all. Even scolding others for booing! (“c’mon guys, we’re all filipino!) I even concede that St. Johns shoulda won skit. It was creative, and yes, it made me cry. But for cultural, modern, and overall…Come on now.

I am sooo proud of my kiddies! Incredibly clean dancing – better than most pro dance troupes I’ve seen. Great acting, great variety of dances, GANGSTER as hell faces/attitudes, THE ONLY TRADITIONALLY ACCURATE FOLK DANCE, and of course, the bestest singer ever.

Apart from these details, what really sets IFA apart is the cleanliness/uniformity. A lot of the other schools had good choreography, but it was obvious who made up the dances, who were the better dancers etc. etc. In IFA, we truly make something out of nothing. It was impossible to tell who had more or less experience. Everyone looked amazing.

With that said, I think the only reason why you guys didn’t pimp cultural was because (i think) the judges were confused. When you judge “cultural,” that’s cultural dance, not overall culture. Overall culture should be included in skit. So yeah. I think that was unclear to people. Anyway, your scores for cultural were excellent, except that one guy who gave u a 3.5. But it was the white guy, so he probably doesn’t understand. It’s ok white guy, I forgive you.

So yeah, I’m sooooo proud. I was really tired by the time the show started and I really didn’t expect to be so loud…but you guys drew it out of me. Hearts for everyone.

And here are some other things that happened on Saturday that I found enjoyable:

Herrard putting the fist up before the performance even started. Herrard, you really were hard that night. Damn.

Billy: Yo, give your girl a tranquilizer

Marco, while hugging Ben: Your mom’s proud of you

Spinnin’ in AGMoney’s ride

Also notable about this weekend – I spoke to 2 of my uncles in the Philippines. It is decided, I’M GOING BACK HOME AFTER GRADUATION. Finalized and all. Sooooooo excited. Balikbayan. Now, I’ll really be able to say back home. Now, I’ll really be able to say bayang magiliw. Now I’ll really be able to say Pilipinas ang banwa ko.