March 2006

So Saturday was Battle of the Barrios. Right now I’m actually really really glad that I’m not on dance team because as a result I can unapologetically say the following: NYU KICKED ASS.

I’m not just saying this, i promise. As a matter of fact, I was probably the one of the nicest people there. Lots of cheering for other teams. No booing at all. Even scolding others for booing! (“c’mon guys, we’re all filipino!) I even concede that St. Johns shoulda won skit. It was creative, and yes, it made me cry. But for cultural, modern, and overall…Come on now.

I am sooo proud of my kiddies! Incredibly clean dancing – better than most pro dance troupes I’ve seen. Great acting, great variety of dances, GANGSTER as hell faces/attitudes, THE ONLY TRADITIONALLY ACCURATE FOLK DANCE, and of course, the bestest singer ever.

Apart from these details, what really sets IFA apart is the cleanliness/uniformity. A lot of the other schools had good choreography, but it was obvious who made up the dances, who were the better dancers etc. etc. In IFA, we truly make something out of nothing. It was impossible to tell who had more or less experience. Everyone looked amazing.

With that said, I think the only reason why you guys didn’t pimp cultural was because (i think) the judges were confused. When you judge “cultural,” that’s cultural dance, not overall culture. Overall culture should be included in skit. So yeah. I think that was unclear to people. Anyway, your scores for cultural were excellent, except that one guy who gave u a 3.5. But it was the white guy, so he probably doesn’t understand. It’s ok white guy, I forgive you.

So yeah, I’m sooooo proud. I was really tired by the time the show started and I really didn’t expect to be so loud…but you guys drew it out of me. Hearts for everyone.

And here are some other things that happened on Saturday that I found enjoyable:

Herrard putting the fist up before the performance even started. Herrard, you really were hard that night. Damn.

Billy: Yo, give your girl a tranquilizer

Marco, while hugging Ben: Your mom’s proud of you

Spinnin’ in AGMoney’s ride

Also notable about this weekend – I spoke to 2 of my uncles in the Philippines. It is decided, I’M GOING BACK HOME AFTER GRADUATION. Finalized and all. Sooooooo excited. Balikbayan. Now, I’ll really be able to say back home. Now, I’ll really be able to say bayang magiliw. Now I’ll really be able to say Pilipinas ang banwa ko.


So…I’ve had a high school-alicious couple days. Yesterday I met with Luuuuuuuuuubin and Lisa for dinner and caught up on old time. I love my girls! I can’t believe we’ve all been in the city for the past 2 years and this is the first time we’ve hung out. I’ve missed them. So, I’m now invited to Miami for the last weekend in March and I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanna go! Basically all i’d have to pay for is plane and I’d get to spend time wiling out with my girls. Alas…we must see how hte next couple weeks go being that my entire life is due the first week in April. ALl the more reason to kick it into overdrive right now.

Then, today I had dinner with my sister, Macquin, and my baby sister by extension, Michelle. CRAP! I just realized I forgot to take a picture! dammit. anyway, Sooooo nice getting to old times and BEING MYSELF with peopl who ACTUALLY KNOW ME!! So great to know they’re doing so well…unlike a lot of people I grew up with. And definitely nice hearing about where people are at, especially since I’ve pretty much been out of the loop since my parents left the neighborhood. Some updates:

Vondell is now out of lock down. He had been in for robbery, along with Loyce, but Loyce for some reason had a shorter sentence.

Lenny just got out of lock down – in Arizona of all places! He had been in for either getting pulled over and having something in the car, or buggin out with a gun. Haha – what a range. All I know is that that boy must have had the worst possible time in jail cause he’s just too damn fine. I mean, in the words of my sister, imagine Ginuwine going in the pen. Not a good look.

Tonya, one of the sweetest and smartest girls when I knew her, became a ho, went to Atlanta, had somebody’s baby, etc. etc.

Shakeim’s in the lil Kim video. That guy on the pay phone who looks all confused – yeah, that’s him.

Jared went “homothug.” However, there is a conflicting report that he didn’t go homothug at all. But, he still goes to HS parties, smokes up with the little kiddies and tries to get with those girls. He’s selling bootleg cd’s.

Jeneille and Hilton got into some shit down south with some scam they tried to run. They’re supposed to be locked up too. Funny, I always thought Jeneille and Hilton had some serious sibling animosity going on. I guess all that changes when you get older and you want cash. I wonder what Kimani’s up to? On that note, I wonder what Torian’s up to…I always thought he was really smart. hmmmm

Liz of course has her album out. Funny, I’ve heard the song with Jadakiss a bunch of times and I completely forgot that Yummy was her stage name. Looked at her myspace and she’s all “yeah, southside jamaica.” Whatever man, you’re dix hills. I can’t hate too much though, half the people out in hip hop right now may have been born in one of the boroughs, but grew up on Long Island. Basically the only one who doesn’t front about it is Busta. Not only that, but she claims that until she was 14 she was into horrible stuff – drugs and fighting and crap. I didn’t know her before she was 14, but I remember her being quiet. Plus, even though we were never really tight, I was tight with some of her closest friends, and they weren’t into that stuff. It’s cool though, I’m glad she’s doin’ it. Go ‘ head Liz!

Leona is living in NC. She has a job, she’s going to school and she has a girlfriend! I was soooooo glad to hear this. Leona always struck me as…well someone who had a lot of potential to go either way. She was always very driven, but was also so loyal and headstrong that if she mixed with the wrong people that would be it for her. I’m so happy that she’s doin’ the damn thing. Leona, if u out there, ¡te extraño!

Jean (don’t remember the last name – that kid who lived down the street from me) is evidently dating Rev Run’s youngest daughter. You can see him on that MTV show.

Latia was roommates with one of Macquin’s friends and evidently her and her mom really took advantage – like would go out and leave Latia’s little sisters with her rommate all the time. Messed up man.

Oh, and God forgive me for taking pleasure in others’ pain, but the best update was for all those rich white kids who were in smart classes cause their parents paid for tutors. They all went away to school, and then I guess they found it to be too hard ‘case now a bunch go to Farmingdale or Nassau and work at Applebees. Yeah. Karma man.

Sooooo I think that’s it. A lot of it is sad. Wasted opportunities mostly…especially my brother Vondell. Not to mention fine, fine Lenny. I mean, we all had access to good schooling and a relatively safe neighborhood. I guess what Patillo-McCoy said in Black Picket Fences is true, you can move out but community ties remain. I dunno man, SO many issues. Thank God for blessing me and letting me be in a good place.