I’m getting tired of college. Tired of people who I thought were my friends and aren’t. Tired of multiple assignments in multiple classes at multiple times. Tired of being forced to be social with people I don’t actually like and who at best are indifferent to me. I’m tired of being defined according to inaccurate perceptions – especially when that definition is among people i see almost every day and who think they know me. I’m tired of people thinking they know me. I’ve dug myself into a hole that it’s too late to get out of. I just want to graduate and get the hell out of here.

On another, admittedly more grave note, I decided to look up John Forte and his fine but incarcerated self. Turns out he’s locked up on a non-violent trafficking charge. He maintains that he thought the package had money in it – he didn’t know he was trafficking narcotics. Due to minimum sentencing requirements in Texas, he was sentenced to a 14 year minimum in a federal prison – for a nonviolent offense!

It turns out that Carly Simon is his godmother or something, and she’s been advocating for his release. http://www.freejohnforte.com/

In NY we used to have the Rockefeller drug laws which, gracias al Señor, have been revoked. Minimum sentencing guidelines are an important issue – Simon maintains that they take leeway away from justices. I think there is some weight to this argument – minimum sentences don’t allow judges to take other factors into consideration, like if the person has a family or if the person has had no prior offenses and no evidence of tendency towards other illegal activities (like John).

Outdated remnants of the war on drugs – which really should be renamed war on the poor and minorities. Statistics show that equal percentages of people of all races are drug users, but African-American males compromise 74% of all people sentenced for drug offenses. This is all quite related to the work I’m doing right now – investigating the relationship between substance abuse, incarceration and the child welfare system. Numbers indicating the racial disproportionality are staggering.

So yeah,