I’ll admit it: marriage scares me. But, being that Valentine’s Day is around the corner, there has been a plethora of marriage shows on TV lately – Celebrity Weddings, Designer Wedding Gowns, etc. etc. And so, all this media saturation has gotten me thinking differently about marriage to the point where I’m ready to admit it; despite my fear, I want to get married!

But to who? That answer is surprisingly simple, David Williams. He’s kinda cute…like a nerdy (nerdier?) Tim Duncan. Ok, so maybe he is a hard core nerd. Once internationally ranked as a “Magic: The Gathering” player. Accepted to both Princeton and Harvard, attended Princeton, but then transferred to Southern Methodist University because he was too homesick. With that said, Southern Methodist University is in Texas – he’s from Texas! Ugh, gag.

So why, despite all this am I in love with him? Alas, love does not bend to reason. With David it was love at first sight…or at first sound. See, I was watching King of Vegas, when I heard those fateful words “He’s a multi-millionaire, having won over 4 million dollars in hold ’em tournaments by his 24th birthday.” I turn to face the TV, and see the face of my David.

I know what some of you are thinking right now, something that sounds like the title of an overly-played Kanye West song. Well, let me tell you something. BEING POOR SUCKS. In addition to that, BEING POOR AND BEING WITH A MAN WHO’S POOR SUCKS. I know I know, you can’t buy love, love don’t cost a thing, for richer for poorer yadda yadda yadda. But let me tell you something, you can hold on to romantic clichés, or you can put food on the table, and bitches, I’m hungry. Love don’t pay the rent, but you know what does, a 25-year old poker player with 4 mil in the bank. Word.