It is officially my duty to inform any and everyone of this scam from So, today I look at my bank statement, and I see charges of $9.99 from “TLG*GREATFN#####,” What the hell is tlggreatfn? i wonder. Hmm, I don’t recall buying anything on Wednesday, certainly not on my debit card (which luckily, I rarely use). Lo and behold, theres another charge from these bitches from December.

So, I google. IT IS A SCAM. Evidently, TLG is the parent company to Orbitz, CheapTickets and I along, with a plethora of other people, bought plane tickets from, and was unknowing signed up for some sort of discount/rewards program called GreatFun. Mind you, I admit that I don’t always read the entire contract for services when I buy things online, but I always pay attention to those little boxes with the “special offers” and make sure they are checked or unchecked appropriately. I never received any sort of confirmation/member services email or mail to my address. The only way I (and this holds true for the other people who have posted online about this scam) even knew I was being billed for this “service” was when I saw the charges on my bank statement.

Thank goodness for consumer protection websites. This website had the phone number for customer service, which I promptly called to cancel my membership and stop the charges. Thank you,

Talk about a disgusting, underhanded way to conduct business. Most too-good-to-be-true offers have a catch, but the catch is usually divulged up front, even if it’s in fine printor oversold as not a catch at all. To exacerbate the immorality of it all, when I called to cancel, the phone rep tried to entice me to remain a member by offering me a gift certificate to Wal-Mart! I suppose it’s true for individuals as well as companies – you can tell a company’s character by the company it keeps. (hey, it works out!)

So, long story short, if you have ever bought anything from,, or, CHECK YOUR CARD STATEMENT RIGHT NOW. And if you see any charges by TLG*GREATFN, call 1.800.214.6422. to get rid of those bastards.

Please spread the word. And if you have any connection at all to the better business bureau, get those bitches.