So went to Jersey to my auntie’s house. Extremely tired from studying all night. Take what is supposed to be a quick nap – wake up about 10 pm. Get up, write 8 pages of essay. The rest requires internet and downloading and blah blah so go back to bed. The next day, get driven to Brooklyn. Work on the paper until midnight when my computer crashes! Nothing. I mean NOTHING! Windows will not load no matter what. I give up at 4 am. Wake up 8 am. Realize, I never reserved a car to take me to LaGuardia. Call my local car service…no answer. Walk down there – a car will be available for me in an hour – after rush hour i suppose. The service is incredibly busy due to the strike. I come back in an hour and get driven. The driver is really really nice – young guy, 25 i think. he doesn’t even work at the car service, but is driving me as a favor to the owner. I get to the airport in 20 minutes and wait for 4 hours – I was really really early. Camile calls and says she’ll pass along news of me predicament to the Professor. Vacation blah blah – that’s for another post. So today’s Thursday and I’m back at work. I have no computer access for all of vacation, so I email Professor – my extension is until Monday and I have to get a lower grade. Well, I’m not failing. So much for vacation – I’m back to school