my mta woes….

every commuter knows
how much the mta hates the non-manhattan boroughs

if you take the subway in manhattan and you think it’s bad, try brooklyn. they change the train schedules without telling anyone – no announcements over the pa or in the station, nothing on the website, you call the hotline and they say “all trains are running on or close to schedule,” no signs in the stations, no warning on tv or radio! last fall when there were no brooklyn trains at all, i purposely checked the tv to see if there were delays, no delays reported, i go out and end up walking 4 miles to get to manhattan. turn on the news that evening – not a word! why don’t you love us mta? we are so good to you!

so the strike was supposed to be called for friday morning, which would have been fine with me. besides the postponement of the office holiday party, no big deal at all. i wouldn’t have come in to work, the mta would have had 3 whole days to resolve stuff before my final on tues, no big. then, they change the deadline to tuesday morning. WHAT!?! well fuck me, i have a final bright and early tuesday morning. not to mention, um, flight thursday at 1 from laguardia of all places! oh goodness me

so monday night i crash at my love juan carlos’s place and we study and i fall asleep and he wakes me up because it is not permitted to sleep while studying and he makes me listen to trance music with weird cartoon ghost voices but its ok cause he’s the best. oh yeah! and my red bull cherry was popped. i must say it did not stop me from falling asleep, BUT, it did give me that extra punch to not fall asleep right away in my food coma (thanks joann!).

so we take a break and play smash brothers and KICK ASS and now it’s 3:30, and it occurs to me:

-hey, can you check if there’s a strike?
-there’s no strike, trust me….oh shit
-At 3am Tuesday morning, the Transport Workers Union Local 100 announced that it has gone on strike
oh shit

oh shit indeed. but at least i’m in manhattan within walking distance of campus, right?

hell no, suddenly it occurs to me that i have no plan for getting home! uh duh! after an all nighter there’s nothing i want to do more than sleep, but i can’t because i am homeless, and i need a computer to do my monster essay due on thursday that i haven’t started! oh fuuuuck

so i take the test and it’s uber hard and though i thought i knew everything, it soon becomes clear to me that i don’t. shit. so here i am at work, thank GOD my boss is gonna drive me to my aunt’s house in jerz, they have a comp and internet and so hopefully i can crank this bad boy out before the due date. YAY. so that’s settled!

the question now is: will the strike be over by the time i have to be at the airport? and if not, how am i gonna get my crap from bk, and then get to laguardia?

stay tuned as the saga continues…..