I love listening to the radio at work. I can be in my little hip hop world while all the stick in the ass office people bustle around strung up :).

So here are a few comments re: the radio that I can’t say to my co-workers cause none of them will have any idea what I’m talking about:

Right now I’m listening to that song with JD, Da Brat, and Bow Wow. First, I haven’t heard from DaBrat in a minute! I’m glad you’re back, ma. Second, the collabo is kind of fitting – it has made me realize how similar DaBrat and Bow Wow look. Anybody second that motion?

Ashanti is on the Angie Martinez show. I HATE HER!!!!! She can’t sing for shit, she’s frikkin from GLEN COVE and wants to act like she’s rough. Son, I am from Wyandanch (what!) and I don’t even go around tryin to act like I’m rough….not like this chick at least. (hehe) I heard when she was on Punk’d she ran like a little beeeyatch. LOL. She is ugly, actually, no, she’s oogly. Look at her when she first came out, she was toe-up. Now, she looks like a person I guess, but there’s still something weird that I can’t really put my hand on. I’m tired of her stupid loud-ass laughing at things that aren’t funny and her saying “bananas” and thinkin she’s all cute and smart and AHHHHHHHH. Why the hell did she become famous? There are so many talented people out there who deserve to make it…why her???? Ashanti + JaRule = wack-ass, sell-out central. And yes, I would say that if they were standing in front of me because I could take both of their squirrelly-looking asses….at the same time. Aiiiiiiieeeet.

Whew! Ok, on a much lighter note, the following are lyrics from that I’m Sprung song:

She cuttin’ off all my homies
Even all my other ronis

Ronies?? Who the hell says ronies anymore? Wow, that brings me way back.