December 2005

my mta woes….

every commuter knows
how much the mta hates the non-manhattan boroughs

if you take the subway in manhattan and you think it’s bad, try brooklyn. they change the train schedules without telling anyone – no announcements over the pa or in the station, nothing on the website, you call the hotline and they say “all trains are running on or close to schedule,” no signs in the stations, no warning on tv or radio! last fall when there were no brooklyn trains at all, i purposely checked the tv to see if there were delays, no delays reported, i go out and end up walking 4 miles to get to manhattan. turn on the news that evening – not a word! why don’t you love us mta? we are so good to you!

so the strike was supposed to be called for friday morning, which would have been fine with me. besides the postponement of the office holiday party, no big deal at all. i wouldn’t have come in to work, the mta would have had 3 whole days to resolve stuff before my final on tues, no big. then, they change the deadline to tuesday morning. WHAT!?! well fuck me, i have a final bright and early tuesday morning. not to mention, um, flight thursday at 1 from laguardia of all places! oh goodness me

so monday night i crash at my love juan carlos’s place and we study and i fall asleep and he wakes me up because it is not permitted to sleep while studying and he makes me listen to trance music with weird cartoon ghost voices but its ok cause he’s the best. oh yeah! and my red bull cherry was popped. i must say it did not stop me from falling asleep, BUT, it did give me that extra punch to not fall asleep right away in my food coma (thanks joann!).

so we take a break and play smash brothers and KICK ASS and now it’s 3:30, and it occurs to me:

-hey, can you check if there’s a strike?
-there’s no strike, trust me….oh shit
-At 3am Tuesday morning, the Transport Workers Union Local 100 announced that it has gone on strike
oh shit

oh shit indeed. but at least i’m in manhattan within walking distance of campus, right?

hell no, suddenly it occurs to me that i have no plan for getting home! uh duh! after an all nighter there’s nothing i want to do more than sleep, but i can’t because i am homeless, and i need a computer to do my monster essay due on thursday that i haven’t started! oh fuuuuck

so i take the test and it’s uber hard and though i thought i knew everything, it soon becomes clear to me that i don’t. shit. so here i am at work, thank GOD my boss is gonna drive me to my aunt’s house in jerz, they have a comp and internet and so hopefully i can crank this bad boy out before the due date. YAY. so that’s settled!

the question now is: will the strike be over by the time i have to be at the airport? and if not, how am i gonna get my crap from bk, and then get to laguardia?

stay tuned as the saga continues…..


worst hangover EVER

Im me your answers!!!!

CeciDaSupastar (5:43:33 PM): what do u want for Christmas?
kristopermendoza (5:44:56 PM): i would like an androgenous hermaphroditic chipmunk with 5 legs that is trained to sing ‘for he’s a jolly good fellow
CeciDaSupastar (5:45:20 PM): LOVE IT

CeciDaSupastar (5:33:06 PM): what do u want for Christmas?
oO scandaluzz Oo (5:33:36 PM): ahah i want.
oO scandaluzz Oo (5:33:39 PM): world peace.
oO scandaluzz Oo (5:33:47 PM): haha fuck that.
oO scandaluzz Oo (5:33:51 PM): i want.
oO scandaluzz Oo (5:34:11 PM): like a tangible gift?
oO scandaluzz Oo (5:34:19 PM): i know. i overthink everything.
CeciDaSupastar (5:34:50 PM): just say something dammit
oO scandaluzz Oo (5:35:20 PM): i want mirrors in my basement. and a new digi cam
CeciDaSupastar (5:36:04 PM): so you can tape yourself dancing from all angles
oO scandaluzz Oo (5:36:13 PM): bwahah there u go.
CeciDaSupastar (5:36:31 PM): who knows you like me?
oO scandaluzz Oo (5:36:55 PM): lol . none other.

CeciDaSupastar (5:06:13 PM): what do u want for Christmas?
J A 612 (5:06:58 PM): dvds/video games
CeciDaSupastar (5:07:32 PM): ooohhhh how boring
CeciDaSupastar (5:07:35 PM): we’re gonna do this again
CeciDaSupastar (5:07:46 PM): and this time you’re going to give me a post-worthy answer
J A 612 (5:07:48 PM): thats my most exciting answer
CeciDaSupastar (5:07:52 PM): what do u want for Christmas?
J A 612 (5:07:58 PM): an elephant
CeciDaSupastar (5:08:14 PM): YES

CeciDaSupastar (5:06:36 PM): what do you want for Christmas?
maargaretaanne (5:06:48 PM): world peace lol

CeciDaSupastar (4:53:25 PM): what do u want for Christmas
m a n g o o 382 (4:53:38 PM): universal health insurance

CeciDaSupastar (4:58:48 PM): what do u want for Christmas
educatedfool25 (4:59:06 PM): i don’t really know
CeciDaSupastar (4:59:37 PM): answer!
educatedfool25 (4:59:43 PM): AH PRESSURE I DONT KNOW
educatedfool25 (4:59:54 PM): OOOO
educatedfool25 (5:00:06 PM): you know those gloves that margaret has?
educatedfool25 (5:00:25 PM): that cut off half the finger?
educatedfool25 (5:00:30 PM): you know?
CeciDaSupastar (5:00:35 PM): yeah
educatedfool25 (5:00:44 PM): yeaaah, that’s really the only thing I can think of
educatedfool25 (5:00:55 PM): or swiffer wet pad
educatedfool25 (5:00:59 PM): im running out of those . . .

CeciDaSupastar (5:23:24 PM): what do u want for Christmas?
CeciDaSupastar (5:23:31 PM): or x-mas for your aetheist ass?
graf cycliz (5:24:22 PM): baby jesus aborted
graf cycliz (5:24:34 PM): sorry its the best i could do
CeciDaSupastar (5:24:35 PM): that’s f’ed up yo
CeciDaSupastar (5:24:43 PM): aiet…i’ll post it
graf cycliz (5:24:45 PM): when you put me on the spot like that its hard
CeciDaSupastar (5:24:47 PM): and God bless you

sometimes you just hate people

roderick alfonso is afraid to play me in literati

st. nick’s pub might be the new spot

i heart juan-carlos

only sandals (7:38:04 PM): can we maybe take dancing lessons in jan?
CeciDaSupastar (7:38:12 PM): sure!
CeciDaSupastar (7:38:16 PM): what kind of dancing?
only sandals (7:38:19 PM): salsa
only sandals (7:38:21 PM): ballroom

I love this boy!

So, I called my Dad today. He told me he went carolling with his new Filipino barkada at a nursing home and he was the star of the show. In his own words:

I made it blow up.

Haha, oh my Dad.

Then, he told me that they have yet another party to go to this weekend. You must understand, my parents have refused to have a Filipino barkada for the past 17 years, and now look at them, partying all the time! Naku! Walang pigil sila! Piyesta, tapos, piyesta pa. Siempre mag-gallivant sila, going disco-disco! Ay yay yay.

When I go down there I want to meet every single one of their mga kaibigan, and they better not be salbahe, or that’s it!

I love listening to the radio at work. I can be in my little hip hop world while all the stick in the ass office people bustle around strung up :).

So here are a few comments re: the radio that I can’t say to my co-workers cause none of them will have any idea what I’m talking about:

Right now I’m listening to that song with JD, Da Brat, and Bow Wow. First, I haven’t heard from DaBrat in a minute! I’m glad you’re back, ma. Second, the collabo is kind of fitting – it has made me realize how similar DaBrat and Bow Wow look. Anybody second that motion?

Ashanti is on the Angie Martinez show. I HATE HER!!!!! She can’t sing for shit, she’s frikkin from GLEN COVE and wants to act like she’s rough. Son, I am from Wyandanch (what!) and I don’t even go around tryin to act like I’m rough….not like this chick at least. (hehe) I heard when she was on Punk’d she ran like a little beeeyatch. LOL. She is ugly, actually, no, she’s oogly. Look at her when she first came out, she was toe-up. Now, she looks like a person I guess, but there’s still something weird that I can’t really put my hand on. I’m tired of her stupid loud-ass laughing at things that aren’t funny and her saying “bananas” and thinkin she’s all cute and smart and AHHHHHHHH. Why the hell did she become famous? There are so many talented people out there who deserve to make it…why her???? Ashanti + JaRule = wack-ass, sell-out central. And yes, I would say that if they were standing in front of me because I could take both of their squirrelly-looking asses….at the same time. Aiiiiiiieeeet.

Whew! Ok, on a much lighter note, the following are lyrics from that I’m Sprung song:

She cuttin’ off all my homies
Even all my other ronis

Ronies?? Who the hell says ronies anymore? Wow, that brings me way back.

So um, yeah. After years of avoiding the blogging craze I’ve finally decided to start one. Fueled in part by enjoying ranting on my mandatory class blog. Fueled in a much larger part by my intense, passionate desire to NOT do this complete bullshit 2 page paper about nothing. Errrrrrgggggaaaaaaa. So excuse me as I now must write 2 pages of fluff about Culture Shock DC. Shouldn’t be hard….just mindnumbingly stupid.

At least I didn’t succumb to xanga like all you AAASSSSIIIIAAAANNNNSSSSSS haha